The team here at Spider PR Agency is a group of people who love a challenge. Or a problem. If you have a roadmap and you need help getting there – or if you just want to make your brand famous – bring it on. Send it our way.


Fortunately, we also love big ideas and coming up with innovative, memorable solutions that change perceptions and capture imaginations.


Why? Because we’ve always believed that BOLDER is better. You don’t get anywhere playing it safe, so we take a fearless approach to our work, and we like to dance with those who do too.


From Brand PR to Social Media to Websites (and sometimes all three, if that’s what you’re into), the Spider PR Agency team works tightly to make sure we give you the good stuff… the stuff that turns heads and gives your brand the attention it deserves. And we do this all under one roof.


We’re a group of people who love a challenge. Or a problem. You have a road map and you need help getting there. Or you just want to make your brand famous. Bring it on. Send it our way.

The Spider House

… Is where brave brands belong. Our very own converted Victorian warehouse in Bermondsey is but a stone’s throw from London Bridge and the waistband-stretching culinary hub of Bermondsey Street. Spider PR Agency is home to left-field ideas, collaborative thinking, and a few four-legged (but NOT eight-legged) friends.

… and every house needs house rules, right?


We always speak our mind

Honesty is honestly brilliant. It builds trust, and while we like to speak our mind, we love it when people do the same to us.

Partners, not clients

We don’t have ‘clients’. We prefer partners - brands and individuals who think on the same wavelength, share our need to do things a little differently and deliver, deliver, DELIVER.

Watch the dogs

They get everywhere. Annie (Greek ditch-dog – literally – impossibly friendly, 10/10 hugger) and Bruce (pug, cute, madly indifferent to hugs)

No spiders

Seriously, we hate creepy crawlies of all types!


We Are Family

Happiness with life and in business is worth striving for. We believe in family. We’re a close-knit community of strategic and creative minds held together by our mutual desire to do best by our clients. While we take our work seriously, we don’t treat ourselves the same way – the Spider PR Agency team get to enjoy everything from annual sports days and countryside walks, to a running club, charity endeavours and early finishes on Friday afternoons.

Sara Pearson

As founder and CEO, Sara is head of The Spider House. Starting her career at the Sunday Telegraph at 17, Sara worked her way up the ladder before entering the world of PR and starting her own collective of PR provocateurs.

Thanks to Sara’s fearlessness (where do you think we got it from?), Spider is an agency of ‘firsts’. With everything from Cricket Tea Crisps and National Impotence Day to Doggy Diners and High-Speed Train Book Signings just a few of the many ideas invented here.

It’s a principle that opened the door for us to collaborate with all sorts of intrepid brands, but Spider was founded on the back of two very simple beliefs that have kept us working with likeminded partners for so long: being commercial in thinking and accountable in delivery.

Outside of the Spider PR Agency, Sara owned and created leading mouth rinse brand Dentyl pH, a food brokerage business, two luxury spas and developed retail products for a number of food brands.




Team Breakdown

Problems and big ideas are two of our favourite things, and so is collaboration. Whether you’re looking for a social media shake-up, a PR overhaul or a website, we’ve got a team or three with the right expertise to get the job done.


Brand PR

When it comes to Brand PR, we like to dabble. We have wide-ranging expertise and a history of working with a diverse group of brands across the Food and Drink, Consumer, Corporate, Travel, Property and Charity sectors.


Social Media

What’s a brand without a following? We’re in the business of building followings; carefully cultivated audiences that hang on every word and lap up every piece of content you post on your social media channels.



Having a website that looks great is one thing, but having a website that performs well, is user-friendly and easy to maintain is another. Thankfully, we want them to be all the above and more.


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We Like Being Followed


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