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Don’t tell anyone, but our Charity PR London work might be our favourite sector to work in here at Spider, because it gives us a chance to give back and lend our expertise to important causes.

Whether it’s through our work, or fundraising initiatives undertaken by the whole team here at The Spider House, we’ve long held a passion for promoting charities. Our innate creativity has always made us a natural fit for non-profit organisations, who need to make every penny they spend, count. We believe (well, we know) a creative, compelling concept is the only way to get cut-through in an increasingly cluttered landscape.

With a track record of successful annual fundraising for charities, alongside a genuine dedication to PR in the charity and CSR sector, the agency is well-positioned to help promote the work of non-profit organisations.

We’re so fond of our work in this sector that we offer special rates for any potential charity partners. Contact us to find out more.


Spider’s campaign raised huge awareness of the Merchant Navy and our charity, securing us national profile and ultimately leading to the highest number of beneficiaries we’d had in 30 years. We subsequently used their services to help create a video to celebrate our 190th anniversary which was exceptionally powerful.

Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

A Force for Social (Media) Good

With our focus on visibility and increased funds, we use an integrated approach to deliver guaranteed results for our not-for-profit partners.

To achieve widespread engagement with the public, our in-house Charity PR London and digital teams collaborate to maximise visibility and promote key messages across multiple digital communication channels.

From informative, occasionally heartstring-tugging content to striking visuals and creative campaign ideas, Spider delivers exceptional digital coverage that educates and inspires social users.

We take an ‘always on’ approach to client social media, and charities are no exception. This approach means that anyone enquiring about the charity, or its valuable work, can reach out as and when they need to. Real-time social media coverage ensures that any PR activation or fundraising event gains momentum online and reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Whether your aims are fundraising, awareness, building advocacy or something else, our dedicated team have plenty of experience delivering genuinely thought-provoking, eye-opening campaigns.

Charity PR London - RNRMCF


We’re Spider, a family of ideas-driven, forward-thinking, result-delivering PR and digital professionals… and Charity PR London is no exception. No brief is too big or too small, so whatever your challenge, we can’t wait to hear about it. We’d like to get to know you a little better, so give us a shout and get in touch.


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