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Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. Consumers are so savvy – and glued to their phones – these days, so it’s never been harder to win brand loyalty. Brands are expected to go further than ever before to win over consumers… but that isn’t news to us. Driven by strategy and creativity, our dedicated in-house team delivers transformative integrated PR and Digital Comms campaigns on message, on budget and on time (and in the world of a consumer PR agency, timing is everything).

Our dedicated team has a proven track record for creating an appetite for our partners, from quirky, specialist products to some of the biggest food and drink brands in the UK and beyond.

All our experience tells us that a personal touch gets the best results. You can’t beat face-to-face conversations, which is why we reach out to partners who are driven by a ‘go-to’ principle, to remove any doubt surrounding attendance and participation at press events.


We partnered with Spider in early 2017 with one main objective – to generate a significant buzz to help us launch the Tim Hortons brand into the UK… they got down to work and immersed themselves in our brand to help us open our first restaurant in Glasgow, and 17 others around the UK in just 12 months. I can say with confidence that Spider has achieved this aim, and exceeded our expectations

Tim Hortons

Getting Your Brand to the Top Table

Top table coverage in traditional media will only take brands so far. Our consumer PR agency team works closely at all times in collaboration with their social media colleagues to build a highly engaged and active community across all relevant channels. This ensures the brand’s commercial objectives are always aligned and communications are channeled directly at the target audience.

An ‘always-on’ approach to social media is pretty handy when it comes to getting new eyes – or even tired eyes – on a brand or product, but when it comes to PR, event-oriented digital support allows us to give a brand event or PR activation the momentum it needs to resonate on social media.

By interlinking traditional and digital means of reaching different audiences, we can guarantee both reach and engagement which when tied to brand expectations takes the chance out of the investment in PR and social media.


We’re Spider, a family of ideas-driven, forward-thinking, result-delivering consumer PR agency and digital professionals. No brief is too big or too small, so whatever your challenge, we can’t wait to hear about it. We’d like to get to know you a little better, so give us a shout and get in touch.


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