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Our strategy led teams have a wealth of experience in delivering PR & Digital Comms on message and on budget.

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Charity and CSR PR

Spider has  a passion for promoting charities. The Agency’s strong creativity and media guarantee proposition has always made it a natural choice for charities who are particularly tasked when making their choice in PR agencies. The Agency has its own history of successful fundraising including its annual support for Crisis at Christmas including ‘Ypants’ to provide a pair and spare of pants for all the guests of the special Christmas shelters (2014), Put A Sock In It (2015) and All I Want for Christmas (a toothbrushes for all) campaign (2016).

Digital Marketing

By maximising the messages in its charity campaigns Spider can significantly increase the organisation’s visibility through integrated digital marketing. From beautiful slow motion visuals to engaging, exciting, call-to-action content, the Agency delivers the very best in digital to promote and support its charity clients. With an ‘always on’ approach to social media , this means any event or PR activation can gain maximum online allowing it to reach the widest most appropriate audiences.

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