British Apples and Pears - Start of the Season


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Start of season for the apple and pear industry kicks off in September/October, a time when Apples are ripe and ready to be picked, packaged and sent to supermarkets.

Spider was tasked with promoting the “Start of Season for British Apples”, while also spreading sustainability messaging of buying locally grown apples, and educating the public on the abundance of varieties the UK has to offer.

To launch the start of the British Apple and Pear season, Spider worked with TV chef Raymond Blanc as an ambassador and held a virtual webinar. Attendees would be a range of press and influencers, which all attending influencers were to be send a hamper which contained all of the apples spoken about in the event. They would then create recipes featuring these apples.

Spider went on to sort out 10 influencers to attend the virtual event being a range of different foodie and lifestyle influencers, All of these chosen influencers were then sent out a British Apples and Pears hamper which featured 8 different apples as well as accompanying documents such as Raymond Blanc’s tasting notes. Influencers were briefed to post on their Instagram stories throughout the event as well as to create a lifestyle/ recipe style post about the event.

We ended up receiving 22 pieces of coverage which was a range of stories and feed posts. As well as reaching 63,999 people through the Influencer posts and an overall campaign reach of over 1m.

We also amplified this activity by securing coverage, radio days and features, including prime features on Countryfile and ITV.