Jack Link's- World Jerky Day


The Results
•  Conducted four separate sampling activities in one day across the UK for World Jerky Day
•  Over 20,000 samples were distributed during the day, more than 5,000 per location

Positive consumer feedback including:

•  There’s no better jerky than Jack Link’s
•  I’m obsessed with jerky!!
•  I have just tried the Jack Link’s beef jerky and it was so tasty I had to come out for another sample before it all ran out

The challenge was to create impact for Jack Link’s Jerky amongst category buyers at key supermarkets to get the brand front of mind with the buyers and category heads.

On World Jerky Day (there is a day for everything!) Spider set up sampling exercises outside the head offices of 4 leading supermarket chains: Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op.  The Agency also did another ‘midnight guerrilla activity’ and placed helium balloons on lamp posts, road signs and trees on the car journey routes the buyers would take to reach their offices

The helium balloons carried the Jack Link’s logo and slightly risqué slogans replacing the word ‘work’ with jerk from well-known songs: ‘hey-ho, hey-ho, its off to jerk we go’ and ‘jerking girl’

The client said: “it was amazing. Please come up with another equally disruptive idea for World Biltong Day” (so we did)

JACK LINK’S – a Spider client for 2 years and counting!