Footballers go mad for PEPERAMI WE GET RESULTS






As an agency, we need to give a massive apology to many of UK’s top footballers… your Twitter mentions took a hammering from Peperami fans and it’s all our fault.

Community management is at the heart of the social media and digital team. It’s so much more than customer service – when done properly community management allows your brand to make a genuine connection with customers, engage with potential customers and react to trending topics to help spread brand awareness.

We find that the meaty snack brand’s famous mascot, Animal, receives a lot of request from his followers for free samples and ‘follow backs’. Many of these community members had one thing in common… they all loved football.

We challenged Peperami meatheads to generate 1,000 retweets his fellow football fans in order to get a porky parcel sent to him. He smashed it… and it started a craze. Before long we had an incredible amount of request flooding the DMs and, rather than getting RTs, we set them the target of getting footballers to mention Peperami in a tweet.

Within the week we had players including Jamie Carragher, Peter Crouch and even the Walkers Crisps ambassador, Gary Lineker, popping up in our notifications, along with official accounts of Premier League & Football League teams (which is unheard of for a brand that is not an official sponsor!). From football it even spread to world champion boxers and World Cup-winning Cricketers, with requests still being received by our community team daily.

The only negative? The postie was fuming with so many boxes of Peperami heading to successful fans up and down the country.