The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund - Creative Charity Campaign


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The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund is the Navy’s best kept secret, the only charity dedicated to supporting children whose parents serve or have served in the Navy.

Over the years Spider has been called upon to create exciting and newsworthy campaigns to raise the profile of the charity and the latest campaign was no different. Always given an open brief to devise something wonderful and unique, Spider had the idea of helping children cope with parents who go on overseas tours for long periods.

The Agency commissioned a children’s book ‘Zoe And The Time Rabbit’ which tackled the concept of ‘kid years’ a description the Agency coined, for the measurement of time i.e. 6 months to a 6 year old is the equivalent of 20% of the child’s memorable life.

The publication of the book resulted in considerable press and broadcast media who embraced the new concept of ‘kid years’.

All with the comfort factor of the Spider guarantee, which means there is never the likelihood of paying for coverage or social media results which are not delivered. Something that resonates with ALL clients, but especially those in the charity sector where funding is so precious

ROYAL NAVY ROYAL MARINES CHILDRENS FUND – a Spider client for 9 years and counting!