Tim Hortons - The world’s largest coffee shop


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New community members in first 2 months


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First piece of content reached with 40k reactions and 100% positive sentiment

In 2017 the world’s largest coffee shop, Tim Hortons, briefed Spider to support its UK launch. In Canada, Tim Hortons is part of the social fabric with eight in ten coffees sold coming from Tim Hortons.

In the UK, however, Tim Hortons was known only by expats and Brits who’d visited Canada Our mission was to translate the brand sentiment for a UK audience. Leveraging the brand-love of the few to excite the many was a crucial part of our strategy, as was building a highly engaged Tim Hortons Social Media community.

Given the pre-existing levels of interest in the brand, supremely proactive Tim Hortons Social Media community management was a must; we left no conversation unanswered and left nobody hanging. This drove organic reach and helped us to smash through industry standards for engagement rates across our channels

Spider’s Consumer, Corporate and Digital teams compiled a strategic campaign to support our work building the Tim Hortons Social Media community, ensuring the brand received a significant share of voice around product launches, key dates, and local events.

“#Canadian problem no 34-  Tim Hortons withdrawal whilst abroad.”
The Agency did its damndest to help Canadians in the UK avoid this difficulty