Client Workshop

This is intended to be used in a Web Client Workshop.
  • Understanding your demographic

    Before we can begin to write content, we need to understand who the content is for. Most websites have multiple user types, and so writing content without a strategy is difficult. Ultimately the content has to be focussed, in order to ensure it is of value to the user. Choosing who to develop the content for is key to your site's success.

  • How do you currently generate business leads? How do people hear about you? Do you have any print based media? Your brand awareness builds on the assumed values your users start with; users are more likely to stay longer and be more forgiving if the brand has a stronger connection with them.
  • Define each of your user types.
  • What would you like each user type to achieve when visiting your site.
  • What drives each user type to view your website.
  • Topics to consider may consist of: Why is the project being commissioned? What demographic is being targeted? Is the site conversion focussed, or is it a portfolio / showcase?
  • List the age ranges for each user type.
  • Consider what each user type is looking for and what they need. There should be some overlap between user types - try to find pages that suit the needs of multiple types. Please list by name, as best you can, all the web-pages you will want on the new site. Please list them in hierarchical order (along with any key features required on an individual page listed alongside that page in brackets)
  • From the list user groups we will need to define what hero pages are required.

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