British agricultural technology company, IAG, provides cutting-edge solutions to compliment the traditional challenges of farming, specialising in Indoor Vertical Aeroponics, which means they use upto 98% less water than conventional farming. IAG has the ability to create urban food production, therefor reducing food miles and offering the opportunity to provide fresh clean, nutritious food closer to the consumer.

IAG’s patented flagship system, the GrowFrame™, is unique to the global vertical farming market. A modular system, the GrowFrame™ uses aeroponic irrigation and closed loop water recycling to provide water and highly precise nutrients with no pesticides, as well as being proven to produce a healthier root system and superior crop growth – up to 15harvesting cycles per year. The roots of plants grown this way are free to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen, without the restrictions of soil compaction, creating strong, vigorous crops that taste delicious and grow much faster with anticipated extended shelf life compared to conventional methods.

Spider's B2B and Corporate Team was tasked with building awareness of IAG within the business press in order to attract investors, as well as build awareness of the brand as it prepared for launch of its flagship and patented product in Autumn 2022.

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