Modibodi® was founded with one goal – to make changing the world as easy as changing your underwear. In the years since ,Modibodi® has made a name for itself globally, designing planet-friendly leak-proof underwear and apparel. As a brand, Modibodi® offers comfort from bodily leaks, and champions conversations and initiatives that allow people to live more comfortably in themselves.

Since 2018, when the brand first launched to the UK, Spider has worked with Modibodi, to make them the number brand in the UK. Through campaigns for change, breaking down taboos and getting women talking. Working with a range of influencers in the UK to build brand awareness and through exceptional media coverage, Spider has helped the brand grow from £800k to £3.3m in one year!

Total number of clicks

4+ Billion

Total reach

1,000 +

Total pieces of coverage

Total engagement