Born and raised in Italy, the Smokin Brothers whilst notactually brothers, are three friends who came together through a shared passionto become entrepreneurs in the food business industry.  After meeting a Norwegian smoker when livingin a warehouse in London, they became obsessed with understanding thetraditional smoking methods for salmon and saw a path to build their own way oflife.

Redefining the ancient craftsmanship of smoked salmon, theSmokin Brothers use a distinctive blend of beech, oak and juniper to steadilyinfuse each salmon in the chamber. Before slicing each one using their signature sashimi-style slice.  

In 2020 Smokin’ Brothers collaborated with Gaetano Farucciformer head chef of ‘Le Gavroche’ to create a sophisticated whisky and soyglazed smoked salmon.

Spider is working with Smokin' Brothers on a PR campaign, to raise awareness for its smoked salmon and brand ethos.

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