Stephens + Stephens breathes time and freedom back into people’s lives, not just in the short-term,but in long-term lifestyle choices. Multiple award-winning specialists indesign-led, ultimate-luxe, quality homes, Stephens + Stephens are facilitatorsof the ultimate Cornish Life Style in awe-inspiring spots within thecounty’s beautiful, elemental, multi-faceted landscape.

With over 30 years’experience, Stephens + Stephens focus on cohesive collaboration – a core partof the business since developer, Paul Stephens, met designer and now CreativeDirector Helen Stephens. The business has now grown and is now one of theleading developers of exceptional properties and homes in the Southwest.

Through a destinationand investment-focused approach and a scaled-up communications plan, Spiderwill enable Stephens + Stephens to reach a wider UK audience, positioning themas experts in their sector as well as highlighting their unique investment opportunities.

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