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Client Workshops    /    Live UX Design    /    Feedback Led design

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The best way to get to know a business is to bring the workshop to you. We encourage an open group conversation in which we help identify your businesses strengths and weaknesses. We also use this workshop as an opportunity to further define your key demographics and ensure that moving forward your new site meets their needs spot on.


A considered user experience, is key to an effective website. So much so, that we have completely re-imagined how to create and present a user experience design. We call it REALTIME UX. This goes beyond static wireframes presenting layouts. We actually build the UX and show you live, before any design takes place. By building the UX at the beginning, designers, developers & most importantly YOU can review, change and amend easily.


Good Design is incredibly subjective. To achieve the ‘perfect’ web design means finding a balance between what you and your target audience like & dislike. For every round of design we build in time for feedback, this ensures that every step taken, is a step forward.

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