Food & drink PR firms in London

Being the tall poppy matters. Consumers have never been savvier. Absorbing information from so many different sources and channels, filtering and discarding the unwanted means it is making it harder than ever to win brand loyalty. But this isn’t news to Spider, a leading Food & Drink PR firm in London .

With a proven track record and an instinct for just ‘knowing’ what will work, Spider relishes the commercial challenges faced by some of the biggest UK and global food and drink companies as well as the start-ups, the ground-breakers, and the utterly quirky.

Ask for a route map to success, seek unique solutions, demand accountability and Spider is in its element. Therefore our dedicated team has a proven track record for creating an appetite for our partners, from quirky, specialist products to some of the biggest food and drink brands in the UK and beyond.

Driven by strong strategic thinking and matched by provoking and innovative creativity, the Spider team can deliver transformative, integrated PR, social and digital campaigns on message, on budget and on time. GUARANTEED.


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