Spider. Our house.

The Spider House, just off London’s Bermondsey Street, is where brave brands belong. Inside, our team of professionals will partner with you to build campaigns that are strategically creative and fearlessly memorable. Our services and guaranteed returns are unmatched by any other agency. The end result is always to deliver outstanding, accountable, measurable outcomes.

This is communications as it should be. Memorable. Commercial. Accountable. Guaranteed.

Sara Pearson. Founder and CEO

After joining The Sunday Telegraph at 17 and learning her craft in journalism, she crossed over into the world of PR. From the outset she has surrounded herself with a collective of edgy provocateurs sharing her vision for delivering commercial freshness coupled with relentless accountability.

As the creative generator, Sara has led Spider to a series of ‘firsts’ for its clients from Cricket Tea Crisps for Tyrrells to Doggy Diners for Lily’s Kitchen, and from the first high speed book signings on Virgin Trains to viral social campaigns for Peperami ranting over potholes.

Opening doors to intrepid brands, encouraging fearless solutions borne from razor-sharp strategic thinking, all underpinned with Spider’s unique delivery guarantee.

Through the years Sara has also owned and created a leading mouth rinse brand Dentyl pH, a food brokerage business, a nursery school and an award-winning urban day spa. As well as developing a number of successful retail products for food and food service brands.