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The Spider House is a place where big-thinkers live, and brave brands belong. We’re a team of media masters, digital devotees and social media experts who build boundary-pushing campaigns and create compelling content guaranteed (yes, guaranteed) to take your brand to the next level.

Not All Mouth


Provide a formal assurance, especially that certain conditions will be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction.

We’re all about guarantees here at Spider. Since day one we’ve taken pride in our accountability, so if we say we’re going to deliver, you can rest assured we will. We put our money where our mouth is, and we have the track record to back it up (seriously, look at our track record…)

Our Stuff

Over the years, we’ve done lots of stuff, Big, bold, eye-catching, transformative stuff for Food and Drink, Consumer Retail, B2B and Charity brands (to name a few). Our work speaks for itself, so take a look at the:


When Peperami asked us to come up with a  campaign that took their Masterbrand message – the idea that a mighty, meaty stick of Peperami would ‘fill your hole’ – to the masses, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into it. We think we took this one a little too literally…

Southbank Place

We love London (although we’re biased), and we can’t get enough of working on property developments in the capital. We unveiled a brand- spanking new collection of apartments – many enjoying stunning views of the Thames and central London – to the media, turning Southbank Place into one of the most talked-about property developments in London!

FedEx Express

FedEx are a huge brand, but brands of that size still face obstacles. FedEx Express’ challenge was directly tied to its size – namely the negative perception that their service wasn’t accessible to small businesses. We put on our ‘perception changing’ hat, rolled our sleeves up, and produced several campaigns that proved definitively that FedEx Express was there for the little guys.


We wanted to create something help the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund make a splash on the national stage and educate the masses on the difficulties children in navy families face when they have parents are away on deployment. We thought a children’s book – Zoe and the Time Rabbit – was a good place to start.

From The Blog

If you can’t get enough of Spider (completely understandable – we’ve all been there), have a gander at our blog. It’s full of wonderful bloggy stuff like news, views, tips, tricks and more:


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