The Spider People Series - Ailsa Russell


Name, Job and Team:

Ailsa Russell – Senior Account Exec AKA The Social Team Mother and Agony Aunt


How long have you been at Spider?

Since August 2021.

What is your favourite Spider client you work on and why?

Florida Grapefruit. It’s an account that I’ve been on since they started working with Spider, which was very near when I started working at Spider too, so it’s been an account that I can really see my progression on. It also has a great mix of everything, always on, dark ads, some influencer campaigns, etc.


What’s the best bit about working here?

The people! I feel very lucky to work with such lovely people who make me laugh so much. It’s also great to be in a workplace where people are so generous with their time, they really want you to learn and progress. I joined as a JAE and have been fortunate enough to have amazing managers who have taught me a lot and given plenty of support along the way.


What are you looking to achieve in the next 3+ years?

Conquer any challenges put in front of me! And continue to progress at Spider of course.

When not at Spider, what do you love doing?

Spending time with friends and working my way through every bar and pub in Tooting looking for the best Margarita in the area. I’m actually a massive bookworm and can happily spend hours at a time with a book in hand. I also love escaping London to either my parents’ house in Sussex, or to the Solent/Isle of Wight for a ‘boaty’ weekend with my family who are all much better on the water than me!!

How has the social media landscape changed since you joined Spider?

The biggest change has been the impact of TikTok and the rise of video content. Instagram and Facebook introducing reels and changing their algorithms to prioritise video content is proof of this impact.

It’s also interesting to see the rise of challenger platforms like BeReal, promoting a ‘real’ moment in time, as opposed to a curated piece of content. It will be fascinating, for me anyway, to see if this platform lasts in the long run, or if like Vine (if people remember theOG/precursor to TikTok!!) it is challenged by lack of financial viability, posing the question, do platforms need advertising power to have any longevity?


Which online community is your favourite to manage and why?

Instagram. In general, I find this community the most positive, with people using comments regularly to tag friends and family members they think will enjoy the content. I love seeing comments that read,‘@xxxx you’d love this!’ or ‘@xxxx this makes me think of you!’.  It’s lovely that your content has caused a direct interaction or conversation between people, and how great to then get the brand voice involved in that conversation.


How do you check and stay on top of the latest updates, innovations, and new platforms in social media?

Being a naturally curious person helps with this I think! As does my screen time… But largely, making the most of online resources. There are masses of free email subscriptions, Instagram and Twitter pages to follow, and websites and blogs, that will share regular updates. The other huge help is spending time with people who also have an interest in social media, if there’s an update, someone in the office will likely know about it!