The Spider People Series - Molly Carr

Name, Job and Team:

Molly Carr, Account Executive, Consumer PR Team

How long have you been at Spider?

1 year

What is your job role at Spider?

Account Executive

What does a typical day look like for you?  

Typically, my day includes catching up with the latest news and checking for any new media coverage to share with clients. I then begin outreaching with new press releases and pitches and start following up on any previous outreach. I might then have a client call or a team meeting to share progress updates or discuss new ideas.  

We go for lunch at around 12.30pm which normal involves a Tesco meal deal or a Greggs sausage roll! I spend my afternoons writing new press releases, responding to emails, and clipping and tracking coverage.  

What’s the best bit about working here?

I think it is great to have the opportunity to be creative at work. At Spider everyone is open to new campaign ideas no matter how weird and wonderful they may be! I also really enjoy catching up with everyone in the office and making silly videos for Spider’s TikTok.

What are you looking to achieve in the next 3+ years? I would like to attend more industry events/workshops and gain a better understanding in other areas of consumer PR.

What’s the best campaign you’ve worked on at Spider?

Definitely the Peperami wedding! This was during my first few weeks at Spider, and I couldn’t believe we were at someone’s actual Peperami themed wedding speaking to press as well as VIP guests such as Youtuber Yung Filly. The big day saw a green wedding dress with the Peperami animal printed on the train, a meat bouquet, a Peperami animal cake and Peperami cocktails. It was great fun!

What’s been your greatest achievement at Spider?

Successfully executing activations, press trips and campaigns.  

When not at Spider, what do you love doing?

Going out with friends and of course I am obsessed with TikTok.