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For brands, earning customer trust and admiration has never been more important. So, a brief from high-end organic tea brand English Tea Shop to do just that was most definitely our cup of tea.

Working with their visionary founder Suranga Herath to tell their story of sustainability, we set about developing a powerful programme of profiling and killer thought-leadership on all things green and good. Coupled with an award win or two, our English Tea Shop PR strategy has resulted in Suranga becoming one of the most respected voices not just in sustainability, but in the wider business world.

Exceptional English Tea Shop PR feature coverage in national business media and high-calibre award wins (hello ‘National Business Award for Sustainability’) make this a campaign worth remembering.

pieces of high-quality coverage

Pieces of national coverage

National Business Award for Sustainability

English Tea Shop PR - Spider

The Client

English Tea Shop is an independent speciality tea company, headquartered in the UK, with retail and wholesale customers in 50 countries worldwide. Specialising in organic and premium-quality teas, English Tea Shop produces a range of over 130 varieties of teas and tisanes at its own factory in Sri Lanka. A fast-growing and ambitious company, English Tea Shop is a pioneer of sustainable practices, putting its employees and suppliers’ livelihoods first using the principle of value sharing.

They Said

English Tea Shop was founded in 2010 with the mission of helping the world to drink better tea and to make the world a better place while it did so. The time had come for English Tea Shop to share its unique and progressive business philosophy with the wider world to inspire its trade customers, partners and employees. They wanted our English Tea Shop PR team to position them as the leader of a movement, one that showed that growth could be achieved via an unwavering commitment to sustainability, not despite it.

Spider worked really closely with us to help us craft and tell our story, and this has been instrumental to our continued growth in the UK and overseas. Spider is more than our PR agency, they’re our trusted communications partner.

Suranga Herath, CEO English Tea Shop

Challenge Accepted

We worked closely with English Tea Shop’s CEO to develop a compelling narrative. From there, we set about profiling the CEO and telling the business growth story resulting in numerous high-quality features in national media such as The Times. We also launched a programme of compelling thought-leadership topics all around sustainability. Activity focussed on both food and drink media and the wider business media. Providing media training to spokespeople was also key.

In 2017, our English Tea Shop PR team worked with English Tea Shop to write its entry for the extremely prestigious National Business Awards, which – to everyone but the other nominees’ delight  – they won, giving them a huge amount of sustainability kudos in the process.

In 2018, we were asked to create a corporate video all about English Tea Shop’s ‘Love. Care. Change.’ philosophy. We went one step further and transformed it into an extensive content production project that told their story from Farm to Cup.


English Tea Shop PR - Spider
English Tea Shop PR - Spider

Job Done

Over the last two years, our English Tea Shop PR team’s corporate and trade campaign has helped English Tea Shop become among the best-known leaders in sustainability. We achieved this through:

  • 120 pieces of trade and corporate coverage including profiles in The Times, Express and Daily Mail (among others)
  • A total reach of 50m+
  • English Tea Shop winning the National Business Award for Sustainability in 2017 (and being shortlist for the Grocer Gold awards two years running.

This has helped English Tea Shop build its profile – and establish itself as a movement leader – among the trade and wider stakeholders.

What We Learnt

Everyone and their (Fairtrade organic) dog is going on about sustainability, but so much that is said about it lacks genuine substance. Our English Tea Shop PR team quickly realised that the best way to show businesses how this approach is the future is to show them how this approach is the future.

English Tea Shop was born as an amazing business with a brilliant mission. All we did was help shape and share this narrative. A great example of a long-term partnership leading to genuine results.


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