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Bringing the Irish Advantage to the UK

Irish Government Agency Enterprise Ireland wanted to strengthen and grow its clients’ export base to the UK and we wanted to help them. Especially important given all the seemingly never-ending uncertainty around Brexit, there needed to be a focus on providing greater support to those ‘Brexit exposed’-sectors, as well as those where an opportunity could arise. Irish business innovation and continued global ambition was a big focus.

Our Enterprise Ireland PR team aimed to promote key sectors to UK buyers – supporting sales potential while sustaining and helping to grow UK contracts. Sectors included: Construction, Financial Services, Engineering, Digital Tech, Medtech, Agritech, Retail, Talent Management, BPO, and Fintech. Our focus was on emphasising the ‘Irish Advantage’ on offer; spreading the good word about Irish talent, innovation, and ambition.

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Enterprise Ireland PR - Spider

The Client

Enterprise Ireland is an Irish Government agency and the third-largest seed investor in Europe. Enabling Irish businesses to achieve global success and realise their ambitions on an international scale, Enterprise Ireland invested 32m euros in 229 start-up companies in 2016 – the highest level on record in Europe.  Enterprise Ireland helps companies start, innovate and scale internationally, through tailored professional advice, funding, skills development, sector expertise and access to connected networks.

They Said

Challenges don’t get much bigger than Brexit. It’s one that even our own Parliament seems to be unable to fix. But for our Enterprise Ireland PR team, Brexit posed a more specific hurdle for our client companies looking to continue to strengthen their foothold in the UK. No one knows what the future may hold and preparing for every eventuality is a tough ask. Therefore, we set out to not only build the Enterprise Ireland brand but also to facilitate growth for smaller Irish companies by helping ‘connect’ them to UK opportunity.

With Ireland as the UK’s main trading partner, Enterprise Ireland clients export over 550m euros a month to the UK. Trade between the UK and Ireland directly supports 400,000 jobs, approximately half of which are in the UK.  With innovation and creativity at the heart of Ireland’s economy and society, Enterprise Ireland is encouraging more UK companies to consider Ireland as a location to conduct business #Irishadvantage.

Challenge Accepted

Content-rich by name and nature, our campaigns span cross-channel: Enterprise Ireland PR, social and content marketing. All creating a bundle of enticing, insightful and engaging themes and opinions, appealing directly to a UK buyer group.

We immediately put in place a targeted and creative three-pronged communications approach. Heavily weighted on sector-specific activity, we also provided wider corporate comms support as well as brainstorming UK-led campaigns. The key with this was to work closely with the sector specialists and carve out forward-thinking, opinionated content. The specialists host regular events and trade missions, so it was our idea to repackage this insight and content and get more mileage on a media level – thus embarking on frequent high-level thought leadership campaigns.

Our Enterprise Ireland PR team mapped the most opportune times of year for each sector and overlaid our comms support on top. We ended with a matrix of activity providing exposure to each sector on a rotational basis; targeting buyers cross-channel. Combine high-level insight, high-quality infographics and images, high-calibre spokespeople and strong pitching ability, and you have a winning formula.

Job Done

  • 206 pieces achieved to date (September 2018)
  • Total circulation of 115,333,798
  • MSN coverage announcing 4x client company deals as part of Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission
  • Regular national interviews and coverage

What We Learnt

Working across numerous sectors is no mean feat and the ability to change tack at the drop of a hat can be a challenge. But we are chameleons of the media world and relish it! Whether it’s discussing the future of blockchain in the construction industry or the impact of open banking…or even the future of the high street or windfarms – our Enterprise Ireland PR team will find that new angle.

Quite frankly we love it (the more variety, the better!) and with growing Brexit uncertainty, there is an even greater need to help Irish companies shout about their amazing products/services and strengthen their UK presence.


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