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FedEx Express is kind of a big deal (it’s only the world’s largest express transportation company…)

With this status comes a high level of awareness, but regardless, every brand has a hurdle (or two) that it needs to climb. For FedEx express, that hurdle came in the form of brand perception and small business confidence.

Given their corporate background, their offering was perceived to be for the big boys rather than small brands – leaving smaller businesses wanting when it came to export support. This couldn’t be further from the truth and our FedEx Express PR team immediately set out to turn this perception on its head, strengthen the brand’s position as one of the UK’s leading small business champions, and give them confidence to go global.

Total Impressions

Pieces of Coverage, including a piece in Forbes

pieces of coverage for our 'EXPORT EPICENTRES' REPORT

FedEx Express PR - Spider

The Client

FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express uses a global air-and-ground network to speed delivery of time-sensitive shipments, by a definite time and date with a money-back guarantee.

They Said

Wanting to encourage small businesses nationwide to consider overseas markets, our FedEx Express PR experts wanted FedEx Express to convey the support and confidence needed to help them capitalise on these opportunities. There are vast commercial opportunities for them to explore outside of Britain.  Yet, with only one-quarter of UK small businesses taking the leap and dipping their toes in international waters, something needed to be done. It got us thinking – was FedEx Express the missing link?

Challenge Accepted

We first developed a campaign to discover the UK’s strongest export regions, cities and towns. An ‘Export Epicentres’ report was created, revealing that regional cities defied international perceptions with Bradford emerging top of the list.

We then set a Small Business Export Mission in progress. Setting a targeted FedEx Express PR plan in place, we focused on generating high-quality content.

We led high-level research projects and canvassed small businesses on their international presence, their challenges, viewpoints on technology and more. Using this FedEx-owned data to get onto the radars of UK SMEs, we crafted whitepapers, reports, conducted C-Suite roundtables, media tours, speaker opportunities, and awards; all to strengthen their affinity.

In addition, focusing on subject matter that would appeal, we lifted the hood on UK entrepreneurs and looked to answer the questions that ‘kept them up at night’. Whether how-to guides on customs requirements or advice and tips on how to do business in India to more specific ways to ‘boost’ your business – no stone was left unturned.

FedEx PR - Spider
FedEx PR - Spider

Job Done

Our ‘Export Epicentres’ report was a huge success:

  • 138 pieces of coverage: national & regional media
  • Large features in Daily Telegraph, Times and Daily Mail
  • Report received over 900 page views
  • Raised brand awareness across small regional communities
  • Demonstrated FedEx Express exporting expertise and small business understanding

We also launched the Small Business Grant in the UK, offering small businesses the chance of winning £20,000 to help boost their international ambition:

  • 67x pieces of FedEx Express PR coverage, including a piece in Forbes
  • Reach of over 63m
  • 226x quality entries from UK small businesses with international ambitions
  • 2x external judges sourced, shortlisted and confirmed
  • 2x media partnerships with Bdaily (Circulation: 126,000) and London Loves Business (Circulation: 115,000)
  • 24m total impressions delivered through advertising
  • Nearly 2m social media impressions with 48% engagement rate
  • Strengthened position as a supporter of the SME community

What We Learnt

With the economic landscape continually changing and challenges ever-growing, UK businesses continually need support to navigate their growth plan minefield. In the meantime, our job continues to grow as FedEx Express’s small business champion status becomes ever-stronger. Our FedEx Express PR team are busy in the kitchen concocting more ideas to help take them even higher – watch this space.


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