Positioning FedEx as a champion of UK SMEs

FedEx Express

The world’s largest express transportation company had high awareness levels and a strong network / capabilities but its offering was perceived to be steered only towards big brands.

It tasked Spider with building its reputation among the UK SME community, positioning itself as an advisor to all companies, whatever their size, to achieve their global ambitions

    Over the last five years Spider has created campaigns ranging from:

    • Leading European projects, including the FedEx SME Export Report, FedEx Small Business Grant Contest and CETA Content Marketing campaigns
    • Pioneering research encouraging British businesses to explore international opportunities, positioning FedEx as the go-to commentator for UK SMEs
    • Launching the FedEx Small Business Grant in the UK to support small businesses with their international ambitions
    • Developing customer case studies highlighting how FedEx supports the growth of British businesses

    Spider has consulted FedEx Express on its external communications strategy since 2012. Since then the level of support has increased frm pure trade media relations to consulting on:

    • Internal relations
    • Crisis management
    • Marketing campaigns, events and sponsorships