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Serving Up True English Gin

Purveyors of premium gin for over 150 years, Hayman’s of London challenged Spider to support their brand relaunch and the opening of their new Distillery, the ‘Home of English Gin’.

In a gin market more crowded than an 18th-century gin shop (and they were very crowded, given that Britons were necking some 10 million gallons of the stuff every year at the time), they needed to increase their share of voice whilst maintaining their position as champions of ‘True English Gin’.

Through a targeted and extremely hard-working press office, we not only generated rafts of coverage driving ticket sales for tours and special events at the distillery but also achieved volumes of coverage for the new pack designs; a tough challenge with no new products to talk about!

pieces of coverage in 6 months


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The Client

The Hayman’s family have been creating ‘True English Gin’ for five generations, providing an unbroken lineage back to the original gin boom. Sticking to recipes and two-day distilling techniques handed down through their 150-year history, their products retain the classically balanced styled that gin connoisseurs across the world know and love.

In 2018, the family was finally able to move their distillery back to central London – less than 4 miles from the original site where their story began. What’s more, they were also unveiling a brand new, modern look and feel for the brand and opening their distillery doors for tours and a series of very special events.

They Said

Over the last 10 years, the gin market has changed almost beyond recognition. With a new artisan gin brand launching seemingly every day and new ‘novelty’ flavours clogging up drinks news pages, Hayman’s needed to re-establish itself as a gin of choice amongst discerning gin drinkers. As journalists’ inboxes were being bombarded with new brands and novelty flavours, we were tasked to make Hayman’s stand out whilst staying true to their 150-year heritage.

Without any new products to talk about, our challenge was to make the brand exciting enough to muscle its way back on to the media’s radar. At the same time, Hayman’s was relocating back to central London. This exciting new chapter in the brand’s story needed shouting about, and shout about it we did.

Challenge Accepted

With an ambitious hit list of target titles they wanted to feature in and so much activity going on through the year, the team had to turn key journalists into serious fans who would be excited to write about us over and over again! Making the most of the series of events and distillery tours, we offered key titles free tickets and bespoke tours to help them really get under the skin of the brand. Coupled with our ‘meet, greet and drink gin’ sessions and bespoke gifts at key times of the year, we soon had even the most challenging titles eating out of the palm of our hands!

Job done

To date, 6 months into a 12-month campaign, we’ve achieved:

  • 84 pieces of consumer and trade coverage
  • Over 142 million total impressions
  • Over £229,000 total AVE
  • 7:1 total ROI vs target of 2:1

What We Learnt

Even in a crowded market, a hardworking press office can work wonders for driving brand awareness. Turning journalists into fans through event tickets and bespoke interactions – desk-side ‘meet, greet and drink gin’ sessions and personalised gifting – the Spider team managed to crack even the hardest of nuts; The Evening Standard and Time Out! Diversifying the brand’s offering through tours, special events and masterclasses also helped us maintain a steady stream of ‘new news’ in lieu of any new products, keeping the brand front of mind too when media were writing category stories or round up features.

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