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Cam’ You Brie-lieve It?

When, French fromage experts Le Rustique asked us to raise awareness of its Camembert and Brie and to capitalise on a key sales period for the brand, we replied with a resounding “oui” (and that’s pretty much the extent of our French vocabulary.)

Our Le Rustique PR team devised the concept of rustic pairings for Le Rustique with a cheese and honey programme, introducing media to the delicious combination of London honey and dreamy, creamy Le Rustique Camembert and Brie. We took over St Ermin’s Hotel – making good use of the hotel’s celebrated rooftop bee colony (yes, you did read that right) – offering journalists tours and a tutored cheese maturation masterclass.

This particular Le Rustique PR campaign also involved teaming up with top food influencer Lavender and Lovage, who prepared camembert and brie-based recipes which were widely circulated to the media post-event, opening up coverage opportunities well beyond the confines of food news pages – many of which would not have considered featuring Le Rustique anyway without any NPD to shout about.

pieces of consumer and trade coverage

total campaign impressions


Return on Investment vs. target of 200%

Le Rustique PR - Spider

The Client

Since they were first created in 1975 by Normandy cheese-maker Jean Verrier, Le Rustique’s Brie and Camembert have become staples in households across France and beyond!

For over 40 years, the secret to their deliciousness has been the quality of the milk they use. Working with small partner farms close to their home of Pace in Normandy, Le Rustique is able to guarantee the quality of their cheeses, making the distinctively gingham-wrapped products a firm favourite on both sides of the channel.

They Said

In France, the coming of spring marks an important time of year for produce; a celebratory time of year when the cows traditionally are let out into the fields again after over wintering in barns. In a country so attuned to its produce, the arrival of ‘Printemps’ cheeses is well known and eagerly anticipated by shoppers.

This isn’t quite the same over in the UK. Our Le Rustique PR challenge was to support this key sales period for the brand and the seasonal release of the Printemps products, as well as educate consumers on this special time of year and the versatility of the Le Rustique range.

Challenge Accepted

We needed to make a supermarket staple brand feel interesting and innovative, without any new products.

We knew that our target audience of foodie explorers were constantly on the lookout for new ways to prepare their favourite foods and interesting new flavour pairings, so we set about creating both an event and a collection of mouthwatering recipes that would pique the curiosity of our target media. This opened up Le Rustique PR coverage opportunities for the brand beyond the competitive food news pages which focus their content on new products.

We brought rural Normandy to life at a luxury London hotel, creating a beautiful masterclass event in which media were able to learn more about Le Rustique and the delicate maturation process that makes our cheeses so special.

What’s more, we raided the beehives and the rooftop garden of the hotel to create recipes that we then sold into media post-event, achieving the all-important column inches needed to drive awareness of the Printemps products.

Le Rustique PR
Le Rustique PR

Job Done

In just three short months, our campaign generated:

  • 65 pieces of consumer and trade coverage
  • 212,071,947 total campaign impressions
  • £181,328 total AVE
  • 10:1 total ROI vs target 2:1

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