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Maldon Salt is a brand beloved by chefs, foodies, and wannabe foodies alike. Despite all their brand awareness, however, Maldon had done little to harness the cultural cache across the online communities who were so regularly promoting them. So, when they came to us for help igniting the Maldon Salt social media presence, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth in (no pun intended… okay, perhaps a little pun intended.) We relaunched the Maldon Salt core channels – Facebook and Twitter – giving both a clear purpose and led an on-pack promotion to ensure we showed we were worth our salt (pun definitely intended.)

Creating platforms that had genuine value was important, for both the brand and us. We worked with Maldon Salt to understand their overarching business objectives, and subsequently created a winning recipe for promotional, inspirational, and educational content to keep users coming back for more.

entries to the on-pack competition (which means 93,138 boxes of Maldon Salt sold. Just think of the blood pressure)

community growth in 16 months


average engagement rate

Maldon Salt social media

The Client

The Maldon Salt Company was founded in 1882 in – you’ll never guess this – Maldon. Sold in Harrods and Fortnums quite early on, Maldon Salt gained notoriety quickly and received the Royal Warrant in 2012, on its 130th birthday. Iconic in its own right, Maldon Salt has been recommended by Michelin star chefs, various Kardashians, and kitchen warriors the world over. Now with Smoked Salt and Peppercorns added to the range, there’s a pinch of something for everyone.

They Said

‘How can we make salt interesting?’

The simplicity of the product and its lack of variation made Maldon Salt feel stuck. Loved the world over, the brand was unsure how to make the most of the loyalty they had earned, and didn’t have the time to commit to managing Maldon Salt social media internally. As a family run business, they wanted to ensure clear communication with their agency, and our transparent and inclusive approach to managing social strategy was a perfect fit to help deliver ROI while taking the pressure off the internal marketing team.

The only thing better than working with Maldon Salt has been having it around the office. It’s transformed lunchtime almost as much as we’ve transformed their channels.


Challenge Accepted

We were asked to bring some much-needed flavour to their dormant Maldon Salt social media channels. Both Facebook and Twitter accounts had very small online communities with little to no consumer engagement. Conversations were limited, and neither gave much insight into the brand history or personality. To turn this around, we created monthly, themed content plans and a series of bespoke promotions which positioned the brand as genuine food experts and the channels as go-to sources for gastronomic #Inspo.

We created an online community which would organically grow and evolve, like yeast, and set the bar as high as we could. Maldon Salt quickly began to receive levels of engagement they’d not seen, and users soon become so involved that they were offering each other tips, posting pictures of their recipe attempts and occasionally, laughing together about recipe fails.

In addition to driving social engagement, we took the lead on an on-pack promotion, building the microsite and managing the promotion and codes. SO MANY CODES. The on-pack was to run for 6 months, with 500 lucky Maldon Salt fans winning a limited edition Salt Pig each month. For those of you who don’t know what a Salt Pig is… Google it. It’s awesome. We think so anyway. But we’re foodies so our perception of awesome is questionable. Kombucha anyone?

Maldon Salt social media
Maldon Salt social media

Job Done

The Maldon Salt community grew by more than 62,700 members in 18 months, and with an engagement rate of over 10%, Maldon Salt posts far exceeded the industry average of 2%.

Our on-pack promotion with Maldon received over 93,000 entries and more than 27,000 of those opted to hear more from Maldon Salt, creating a powerful database for the brand to begin an e-CRM program. Due to run for 6 months, we had to cut our on-pack promotion short. Why? There simply wasn’t enough salt to meet demand.

What We Learnt

Salt sells.

To the detriment of our wallets and waistbands, the team here knows the food scene in and out (the office is next to Bermondsey Street, Maltby Street Market and Borough Market. Go figure.) That said, we learned a lot about the impact of great recipes, combined with highly proactive community management and a dash of celeb endorsement. Public appreciation for the brand provided a stream of opportunities for reactive content and we were able to ensure that Maldon Salt consumers got a taste of what the brand was all about. Maldon Salt social media content creation, community management, on-pack promotions, and paid social created the perfect landscape for Maldon Salt to corner the market online, just as they had done offline.


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