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Bringing Taste To The Table With Maldon Salt

Maldon Salt is steeped in heritage and had a deeply loyal consumer base, however, the brand struggled to amplify its devotion across its social platforms and was struggling to recruit new devotees online.

Spider was appointed with the objective of bringing much needed life to their dormant Facebook and Twitter channels, growing their communities and driving up engagement through a review of consumer data, online insights, and observation of organic referrals, Spider launched a six month content strategy which positioned the Maldon Salt platforms as ‘foodie hubs’, driving conversations around food preparation, flavour pairings, seasonal recipes, and local flavours.

In addition, Spider created a calendar of promotions to boost


new community members gained within the first 12 months

Spider also created a calendar of promotions to boost brand awareness among fans of parallel brands, from Le Creuset to Aspalls, these simple partnerships solidified Maldon’s place in the kitchen cabinets of consumers around the UK.

The agency also launched an on-pack promotion online, geared to driving data collection for e-CRM and driving retail sales. The promotion, which was intended to run for 6 months, was so wildly successful that the brand struggled to keep up with retail demand.


  • 45,000 new community members gained within the first 12 months
  • Platforms achieved an average engagement rate of over 10% (industry average is 2%)
  • Dual Facebook and on-pack promotion received more than 93,138 entries with more than 27,035 opting in to hear more from Maldon thus creating a powerful database for the brand

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