Beef Lovin’ is the Best Lovin’

Who doesn’t love a good steak? Clearly Peperami thought the same, and gave their proper porky snack a big, beefy makeover! As part of our ongoing partnership with Peperami, we were asked to put together a Peperami social media campaign that would put the word ‘beef’ on everyone’s lips.

Undeterred by a very busy Valentine’s day period, where social media is particularly saturated with campaigns, we came up with a clever idea that we knew would cut through the noise and beef up Valentine’s day 2018… Beef Lovin’.

Post engagements with content over 6-week campaign

People reached across all channels


Average engagement rate across all channels

Peperami social media - Beef Lovin

The Client

“Peperami… it’s a bit of an animal”

Ever since they dragged the Animal character kicking and screaming into our lives back in 1993, Peperami has established itself as one of the most iconic snacks going. From Original and Hot to Firestick and Tex-Mex, Peperami know a thing or two about filling stomachs with sticks of delicious porky perfection. Spider and Peperami have been partners since 2014, and we’ve been cooking up fun, engaging and fully integrated Peperami social media campaigns ever since.

They Said

After a successful Spider-aided launch in 2017, Peperami wanted us to drive awareness of Beef, the latest addition to its rapidly growing family of moreish meatheads. They also wanted to convert a new audience to the world of beefy snacking and build upon the fun and positive sentiment already established around Peperami.

Fortunately, we had a helping hand from Beef himself. Still as anarchic and (tongue-in…) cheeky as his Pork counterpart, the Beef persona is short on words but big on action, and resolute that everything and everyone is beefed up. He takes life as it comes, and pumps it up, because if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing bigger and better than the rest. This gave us a pretty good starting point for crafting our Peperami social media campaign…

Time and time again, Spider demonstrates a real understanding of our audience. The #BeefLovin campaign is a perfect example of this – tapping into the topics they engage with, creating a genuinely disruptive, impactful and shareable campaign that has helped drive our continued growth.

Pavan Chandra, Peperami

Challenge Accepted…

Valentine’s day is a busy time of year, so our campaign needed to make a bang. Peperami social media insights told us that the content that most resonated with our target demographic was success with the fairer sex and, knowing that they probably aren’t the heartthrobs they’d like to think they are, we came up with an engaging campaign that turned the idea of finding love on its head.

Enter Beef… and enter Beef Lovin’! Our campaign centered around helping unlucky-in-love young bucks find love around Valentine’s day and positioned Beef as our very own love guru! We went big when spreading Beef’s romantic advice all over social media, creating a Spotify playlist to get users’ meaty mojo going, giving Beef his very own Tinder profile (obviously) and distributing Beefy Bouquets (floral arrangements decked with sticks of Peperami).

We also supported an activation at London’s Westfield shopping centre, inviting dozens of macro and micro-influencers to experience Beef’s Valentine’s day ‘Love Grotto’.

Job Done

Over the six-week campaign, we:

  • Achieved over one million post engagements with Beef Lovin’ social media content
  • Reached over 25 million people
  • Generated 49.5 million impressions
  • Grew the online Peperami community by over 10k followers
  • Saw an average engagement rate of 20% engagement across all channels (vs. 2% industry average)
  • Saw 95.8% positive or neutral sentiment across all content

And to top it all off, Peperami enjoyed rapid growth 9% ahead of the market. The campaign had a direct impact on sales, which is no mean feat given that no other marketing activity taking place for the brand.

What We Learnt

The perfect marriage of character and tone of voice, as well as a killer idea, contributing to create a Peperami social media campaign that saw genuine cut through at one of the most difficult times of year to do so. Highly engaging content is key on social, and we hit our hard-to-influence target audience with loads of it, branching out in directions we normally wouldn’t and exploring different parts of the digital landscape.


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