Snacking Back At Hunger

This was a Peperami PR campaign we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into. To coincide with a new advertising campaign that focused on filling the ‘hole’ left in your stomach left by the absence of a proper snack, Peperami wanted us to support the ad with PR and digital coverage and a creative, integrated and disruptive Peperami PR campaign that would get everyone talking.

We thought long and hard about what else a) makes us angry and b) needs filling, and we couldn’t look much further than potholes (who doesn’t hate potholes?) With that, #HangryHole was born. One cold February evening, Peperami Animal gave London a right porking, filling the capital’s (pot)holes the only way he can – with delicious Peperami! Because there’s nothing better for filling a hole. The city awoke to found hundreds of potholes filled with Peperami and branded ‘Fill Me’ flags and both the media and consumers started talking and sharing.

pieces of coverage across national, regional and broadcast

Full-page spread in the Daily Star

unique users reached on Facebook and Twitter

Peperami PR - Hangry Holes

The Client

It’s a Bit of An Animal…

Ever since the introduction of the Animal character in 1993, Peperami has been one of the most recognisable snacking brands around. Its classic pork sausage is a hit snack with those wanting a quick and tasty dose of meat. Having approached Spider in 2014 with an initial brief, the brand has continued to work with Spider since, where we have created fun, integrated and engaging Peperami PR and digital campaigns.

They Said

Peperami challenged us to take the Masterbrand message and turn it into something that would get column inches and social engagement, with no NPD and a single ‘Fill Your Hole’ tagline to hang off, it was essential that we came up with a Peperami PR campaign that was both newsworthy and also highly entertaining. We also needed to ensure whatever we did had regional reach.

Challenge Accepted

To coincide with its new advertising campaign ‘fill your hole’ and to support the Masterbrand message, we created #HangryHoles, an integrated, creative and highly disruptive Peperami PR campaign. One cold February evening in the dead of night, Peperami Animal gave London a right porking, filling the capital’s (pot)holes the only way he knew how – with delicious Peperami! Because there’s nothing better for filling a hole.

Animal and the Peperami PR team spent the day on the streets, filming consumer reactions, as well as a photocall in the early hours of the morning, which was picked up by the national press.

On the social front, we teamed up with influencer Jack Jones to produce a fun prank-style video, which was viewed by almost 1 million people.

To ensure it wasn’t just London that got a piece of the action, Spider called out on social for consumers to send in pictures of their potholes in their local area and in return receive their very own Peperami pothole-repair kit.

Peperami PR - Hangry Holes

Job Done

In just two weeks the PR team had generated 101 pieces of coverage. 91 of those were consumer and included national and broadcast media.

On the social front, the team reached 5,115,954 people as unique users on Facebook and Twitter and 20,213,564 total impressions.

PR Examples ranked us number two in their list of the best PR stunts (March 2017) and the campaign was shortlisted for Best Cross-Media campaign at the EU Digital Communication Awards.


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