Creating campaigns

Peperami #HangryHole

Peperami was going live with a TV campaign promoting how the sausage fills your hunger hole, Spider’s job was to support the campaign by dreaming up a creative, integrated and ultimately DISRUPTIVE concept to increase penetration in the UK market and compliment the masterbrand message:

In a city plagued by holes (potholes)…

…an unlikely hero emerged to change everything

On the morning of 2 March 2017…

Londoners awoke to find their city had been given a right porking …. and they couldn’t stop talking about it

Over 20 million reached

#HangryHole on Facebook & Twiter

National Coverage: Daily Star Online and The Sun Online

Unique Reach Across Facebook and Twitter: 5,115,954 people reached

Total Reach Across Facebook and Twitter: 20,213,564 reached


  • Total Circulation from coverage generated: 81,866,204
  • 89 pieces of Consumer Coverage
  • 10 pieces of Trade Coverage
  • 900,935 views of the Jack Jones Video
  • 302,519 views of the Peperami video

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