The Real African Food Co.

Bringing a Taste of West Africa to the UK

When the team at The Real African Food Co. told us they were launching a new vegan product, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Already known for their sweet snack ‘Love Chin Chin’, the creation of ‘Love Moin Moin’ (a delicious and healthy West African dish made from black eyed beans) was a new direction for the brand that tapped into the UK trend for vegan-friendly protein sources and soy-free alternatives to tofu.

Our mission was to spread awareness and drive trial by inspiring those unfamiliar with the product with serving suggestions.  

With a limited budget, we worked with 15 influencers to create a wealth of beautiful content and a selection of tasty recipe ideas we couldn’t wait to try ourselves. We ensured influencers were selected with a range of different UK-based audiences, including those who have vegan, West African and foodie followers.

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The Client

The Real African Food Co. is a family-run business passionate about African food and great taste. Their goal? To bring West African flavours to the UK, showing off the vibrant cuisine of West Africa in the process. They burst onto the market with ‘Love Chin Chin’ – positioning the natural African snack as a sweet treat for any time of day.

Their latest product, ‘Love Moin Moin’, takes the stress out of the preparation of the dish. Moin Moin is a Nigerian steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of washed and peeled black-eyed peas, onions and fresh ground peppers. Typically a lot of time and effort is needed to produce the dish as the beans need to be soaked and ground before being mixed with spices and steamed. Love Moin Moin takes the hard work out by providing a ready-made mixture that is ready to steam once mixed with water.

They Said

Still fresh on the scene as a brand, The Real African Food Company wanted us to not only showcase the new product but to introduce the brand, its heritage, and ethos to the UK.

The beauty of ‘Love Moin Moin’ is that it’s quick and easy to make – something we had to stress to potential customers. We wanted to show it can be a quick and easy ingredient you pick up in the supermarket on your way home from work, a Sunday afternoon snack or a veggie barbecue alternative.

Challenge Accepted

So how do we get people interested in a new, unfamiliar food product? By creating #FoodEnvy of course!

We got in touch with our favourite food influencers and asked them to get creative! We knew running a social-driven campaign would not only raise awareness of the product and brand but would also help bring the versatile nature of West African cuisine to the fore, a goal close to the brand’s heart.

We reached out to a range of micro to mid-tier influencers, encouraging them to share vegan recipes for their followers to recreate at home; we also supported the social push with traditional consumer PR.

Job Done

We secured coverage from 15 different influencers, who embraced Love Moin Moin and rolled with it. We were blown away – not only did they think up delicious recipes, they thought up recipes that really drove home just how versatile Moin Moin can be; we saw everything from stir-frys to green Thai ramen and vegan parmigiana with cashew cream.

Watching all this scrumptious content come through had the office’s mouths watering and stomachs rumbling, and we knew it would do the same for veggies, vegans and foodies on the lookout for new meal ideas.

It also meant we had a bank of beautiful content to repurpose on the Real African Food Co. Instagram feed. A win-win!

Alongside our social campaign, we also secured coverage in publications such as Vegan Life, PlantBased and The Grocer.


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