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Gin artisans and all-around cool guys Warner Edwards appointed us to help raise their brand awareness, drive increased engagement on their Warner Edwards Social Media channels, and help to secure a listing in Waitrose. Working in a market more crowded than a Northern Line tube carriage on a Monday morning, Spider launched a proactive and highly responsive Warner Edwards Social Media program, driven in part by a dynamic (if we do say so ourselves) content strategy aimed to elevate to brand and tell its story as a premium, craft-led gin.

One of our core challenges was making sure that consumers felt the channels were still being run by the brand. If you’ve ever met Tom Warner, you’d immediately know that he has a very specific way of talking about his beloved gin – A ‘BOOM’ here and a ‘BOOOOM’ there. Maintaining the tone he’d built was paramount. So when we announced a new gin, Lemon Balm (if you haven’t tried it yet, pop out, buy a bottle, pour yourself a G&T and continue reading. You won’t regret it), we were thrilled to get a big community high five to tell us we were on track: half a million people reached in under 24 hours.

Master Award for Social Media at the distillery master's awards

community members gained over 8 months

users engaging every single month

Warner Edwards Social Media - Spider

The Client

Proudly distilled in Harrington, Warner Edwards was born on Falls Farm in 2012. Using natural spring water and home-grown ingredients, the gin brand quickly became a local phenomenon and a gin lovers’ collectable. Their copper still, loving named ‘Curiosity’ has seen some of the most delightful distilling, working hard to ensure each bottle is something that Warner Edwards can be proud of. The brand are passionate about great gin and the authenticity and quality behind it. Award winner craft distillers, these guys know where it is at. Rhubarb gin and ginger ale? We’ll take one to go!

They Said


Okay, not quite. They said they wanted an agency that can help us gain cut through, drive conversation, and ensure that we get the Waitrose listing of our dreams. It was important for them that the family-run business retain its small, warm roots while branching out to take a bigger piece of the pie. Warner Edwards had some quality credentials, and after taking one sip, we were hooked. And we knew that consumers on Warner Edwards’ Social Media channels would be too.

Their engagement was really strong across all platforms. Their performance is almost to the extent where if someone asked how to engage with people on social media I would say ‘just like this’; I’m close to saying this is textbook.

Judge for Distillery Master’s Awards

Challenge Accepted

One thing was crystal clear with Warner Edwards, we had a fantastic gin on our hands and a brilliant and dedicated consumer base. But we also had a crowded market, a surge of craft gins flooding retailers, and a content strategy that needed to wow not only our client but all those who had become fans not just of the brand, but of Tom Warner.

We worked to create a clear tone-of-voice to capture the essence of Tom, but ensured it would allow us to make the brand larger than one person; a way to guide consumers to understand the spirit of Warner Edwards and all it stands for. Due to limited listings, our paid social strategy needed to be highly targeted. Segmenting the audiences into those able to easily get a hand on a bottle and those we could inspire to order online, we were able to ensure that the social media didn’t just result in awareness, but drove an authentic passion and ultimately, impacted the bottom line by encouraging sales. Our highly proactive approach to Warner Edwards Social Media community management meant that consumers felt heard like they had a direct line to the distiller, and the limited-edition nature of some of the products helped us to create a real sense of demand through our community.

Job Done

With over 31,000 new community members gained across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in our first few quarters, the Warner Edwards mission was well on its way. We achieved a 4% average engagement rate on their Facebook – in comparison to an industry average of 1% for similar brands.

With approximately 50,000 users engaging with the brand each month, our targeted paid social program and strategic approach served Warner Edwards well in their quest for supermarket shelf space, and we all raised a glass on the day they announced their Waitrose listing! In 2017, Warner Edwards won the Master Award for Social Media at the Distillery Master’s Awards, recognising our work managing their channels and helping us score a few bottles as a big thank you.

What We Learnt

We learned that gin is great and everyone loves it. It might seem obvious, but we genuinely did learn that. We also learnt that ginger ale plus gin is a guaranteed winner. Our work on Warner Edwards’ Social Media channels also helped us illustrate the impact of highly strategic paid social when it comes to building a case for retail listings and create a culture of demand. Tone of voice and content creation that adhered to clear guidelines also ensured that Warner Edwards’ Social Media active users grew exponentially and created a base of truly dedicated consumers who would go out of their way to get their hands on a bottle of gin distilled with love at Falls Farm.


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