Events Management & Stunts Agency London

Make a splash with a newsworthy, Instagrammable event to get your brand get noticed.

From creating and launching industry reports to hosting unique experiences for media and consumers alike, Spider knows the hottest venues and can manage your event from the brainstorming phase all the way through to execution and follow-up, to ensure a buzz around your brand. 

And the way we work means however tough and challenging it gets, we will have fun along the way.

PR Stunts

Allow Spider to grab the headlines for you with an eye-catching activation!

Stunts are a wonderful way to earn media; if you pull them off well, people will do the heavy lifting for you, effectively advertising your brand or product through word of mouth and press coverage.

A successful stunt needs to be clever and reactive, plus, anything photo or film-worthy is going to help the stunt get maximum coverage.  

Piggybacking on news stories, current events or a national conversation can give your stunt instant exposure and presents the opportunity to insert yourself into real-time discussions with your audience.

Do not be afraid to push the boundaries, playing it safe never caught anyone's attention. Some of the most famous PR stunts are those that stepped outside of the box and did something bold.

From ideology to stunt build and marketing, we can manage the entire process at Spider.

Guerrilla Marketing

Not all advertising costs the big bucks. There are strategies out there that you can employ that can yield maximum results while being low cost and relatively simple to put together. We’re talking about guerrilla marketing, something that we here at Spider we specialise in.

Instead of investing in above the line advertising, with guerrilla marketing, you’re better off investing in our time, knowledge and imagination so we can think outside the box.

We provide a variety of guerrilla marketing formats and have a hungry team with an appetite for experimentation & invention.

Product sampling

Activate your brand through real life interactions.

At Spider we ensure only the very best brand ambassadors are out to work to deliver a positive and engaging experience with your target audience.

We manage initial creatives, end-to-end logistics and live and post campaign reporting – all you must do is send us the product samples.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our B2B team regularly create impactful stakeholder engagement events - helping brands enhance awareness direct. From roundtables to media days to recorded seminars to community events to virtual and interactive seminars, we do it all.