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Enter the Expleo World today – Built by Spider

Expleo, the technology and engineering consultancy for innovative companies, sees the world as a playground that’s full of possibility.

Their aim is to help clients accelerate digital change by making the right impact when and where it matters most.

Spider created a unique showcase to demonstrate the incredible, cross-sector work Expleo does, through the launch of a brand new, dedicated microsite called the Expleo World

The interactive Expleo World combines case studies – from banking and financial services, to leisure and entertainment, to transport and aeronautics – to offer a complete 360 view into how Expleo is helping the businesses of today, prepare for the digital needs of tomorrow.

In the Expleo World, you’ll learn exactly how Expleo helped a top UK energy supplier set a new pace with automation; how it enabled the world’s leading car brand to extend a much-loved range; and how a major European airline hub was able to digitise its ground service, thanks to Expleo’s expertise.

Enter the #ExpleoWorld below and discover how Expleo is helping businesses to accelerate digital change today.

Expleo World

Abigail Rogerson, UK Marketing Lead, Expleo who managed the project said: “The Spider team has delivered a strong and unique microsite that exceeded our expectations. Spider brought a creative flare and positive energy to make sure our vision became reality.”

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