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Espresso Martini Trail

This Espresso Martini Day, on 15th March, Spider has launched the ultimate Espresso Martini Trail with seven of our incredible restaurants that serve up delicious cocktails in London.  

It’s clear us Brits love an Espresso Martini – in fact, it was the most googled lockdown cocktail recipe, so how could we not celebrate this day by getting our restaurants to put on put their own twist on this delicious cocktail.

In Horto in Southwark will be putting on a Smoky Espresso Martini using Wee Smoky Whiskey and Smoke and Oak Bitters, alongside the classic Kahlua and espresso. Kahani in Chelsea will be using Butterscotch infused vodka and Cherry Brandy with a Tandoor-cooked masala marshmallow for its Bonbon Espresso Martini Cup.

Head on over to Sam’s in Hammersmith for an Amaro Espresso Martini with Aztec Chocolate Bitters and Amaro Montenegro, or if you’re fancying something a little more exotic you can try the banana infused Jungle Espresso Martini at Zuaya in Kensington.

Next door to Zuaya, Como Garden has the ultimate classic Espresso Martini with vodka, Kahlua, coffee and a touch of vanilla syrup.

JIJI in Islington will be serving up an Espresso Mochitini, a velvet smooth cocktail using Chocolate Mochi. And finally, El Norte in Mayfair’s Toffee Espresso Martini uses Toffee Infused Gin as a base, with a toasted marshmallow to top it.

Make an occasion of it and enjoy the cocktail alongside dinner, or follow the trail around London and choose your favourite. Cocktails will be running for a month afterwards, so try the trail any time!

Addresses of restaurants:

In Horto - 53bSouthwark Street, London, SE1 1RU

Kahani - 1Wilbraham Place, London, SW1X 9AE

Sam’s - 1 Crisp Walk, London, W6 9DN

Zuaya - 35b Kensington High Street, London, W8 5EB

Como Garden - 37High Street Kensington, London, W8 5ED

JIJI - 6G Esther Anne Palace, London, N1 1WL

El Norte - 19-20 Dover Street, London, W1S 4LU

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