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Once We Are Liberated…

Survey shows we all just want to go down the pub

In this odd world of lockdown latest figures show that time spent on Instagram is up 32% and 53% on Facebook, as we post nostalgic images of past freedom and pine for those we miss. However, a survey* from PR and digital marketing agency Spider, has revealed that what we most want to do when lockdown is over is go to the pub!  Over half (58%) of people surveyed said going to the pub was the first thing they would do the instant they were liberated. This was ahead of meeting friends or even seeing family! Surprisingly, having sex was not in the top three!

Perhaps the reason for this was because of being denied hairdressing appointments or beauty treatments such as waxing, manicures, pedicures and eyebrow threading over such a long period, were all listed as high priority once lockdown is over.

More modest desires included: “go to a hardware store”, “buy timber”, “a power drill” and “invest in a tent”

On the question of what single thing will you take forward after lockdown, the outright winner was appreciation and gratitude: “never take liberty for granted”. Home exercise: “exercise more because I’m a fatty” and cleanliness: “people are gross, I was right about hygiene standards before all this kicked in”.

As to what we hope never to have to do again, not surprisingly, restriction on movement was the outright sentiment. But there were many other comments:

get so bored that I talk to myself”

“fight for loo rolls”

“wear the same PJ’s 4 days in a row”

“work hunched over my coffee table while dealing with potty accidents”

And, particularly heartfelt, never to be repeated:

Get married”

“Read about coronavirus every day, death rates and who f*** up”

Perhaps best summing up the effect of lockdown for many was the comment: “I live with my family, so will be heading straight to see nobody ASAP”!

Sara Pearson, CEO of Spider says: This started out as a bit of fun to quiz family, friends and clients, but we’ve been surprised by the passion of the responses. The best I think we can hope for at the end of this unnatural period is that we don’t lose the good things we had before, instead we add to them with the self-knowledge and experience this time has brought”

*240 people were surveyed

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