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Peperami Halloween Content Campaign – Trick Or Meat?

When October hits, social media timelines are flooded with all sorts of spooky content.

Halloween offers brands an accessible marketing opportunity before the Christmas rush (where advertising competition is fierce and costs spiral). With consumer spend on Halloween rising every year (In 2018 the UK was expected to increase its Halloween spend by 5 per cent to £420 million, according to analysts at Mintel) brands are now developing social media campaigns around the celebration, rather than posting a stand alone piece of content. The spooky season is a special time for marketers where they get a creative license to do something they normally wouldn’t do – if a brand is looking for a share of the Halloween Candy, however, they’ll need a high relevancy score to ensure cut through.

Each year Britons hand over copious amounts of sweets and chocolates; this year it was Spider’s job to get parents to consider a protein packed Peperami treat. That’s right, instead of ‘Trick Or Treat’ it was ‘Trick Or Meat’.

Running on Peperami’s social channels Spider created a content campaign designed to targeted a parenting audience, communicating quality messaging along with Animal’s cheeky tone of voice. Using spooky creatives, paid social targeting, micro influencers and a giveaway or two, Animal asked parents to substitute sugary and E number packed sweets for protein-rich Peperami!

The Peperami Halloween campaign ran for three weeks and:

  • Reached 4,125,325 Mums In the UK
  • Gained 7,297,165 Impressions

In addition to some solid numbers, we were pleased to see parents getting involved across platforms, sharing pictures of their children dressed up and ready to hit the streets!

Not a single little sausage dressed up as Animal though… really missed a trick if you ask us!

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