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Spider Appointed PR for Chourangi Indian restaurant

Introducing Chourangi, the leading Indian restaurant has taken discerning Londoners on a culinary journey into India’s unexplored cuisines, especially from the heritage city of Calcutta’s rich heritage and artistic cuisine.  

Taking its name from Chowringhee, the oldest and most vibrant quarter of Calcutta, the restaurant brings alive a unique culinary tradition that has been born of centuries of overseas traders leaving their mark on this vibrant culture.

Just a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, Chourangi is situated at 3 Old Quebec Street, bringing the distinctive Calcutta cuisine to the heart of London.  

The offering is a unique blend of British, Dutch, Armenian, French, Portuguese and Chinese flavours that have descended over a 300-year history.  

The innovative dishes and recipes have been carefully curated by Chef turned restaurateur Anjan Chatterjee.

Chourangi is spread across 2,900sq. Ft, with both an indoor and outdoor fresco seating arrangement, featuring a unique interior designed to reflect the soul and essence of Calcutta, paying homage to the city’s refined architecture by award winning design studio house, Design LSM by Steve La Bouchardiere and Simon McCarthy.  

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