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Spider X Modibodi celebrates period normality at empowering event

Spider helped ModiBodi launch their new innovative swimwear line with an exclusive sneak peek into the collection at its most recent event.

Set on a spring day on a rooftop poolside bar in London, influencers invited by Spider braved the cold for the #whitetowelcheck, literally and figuratively throwing themselves into the deep end to get the best possible results for the campaign.

The swimwear line, much like ModiBodi’s original underwear, is designed to be both leak and period-proof. By partnering with a group of diverse, empowered, and confident ladies, the organised event simply helped to strengthen and spread the important core messaging of the brand and its consumers – of comfort and liberation.

Shoppers may flock to ModiBodi’s website for their tried, tested and loved no-leak technology, but don’t be surprised at the eye-catching designs and quality cuts that truly make the event a resounding success.

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