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The Spider House Has Been Recognised As an Accredited Workplace

Spider is delighted that The Spider House, its office in Bermondsey, near London Bridge, has been recognised by QMS International as an accredited workplace.

QMS, the influential, global organisation rates environmental management systems employed by companies and awards accreditation to businesses that guarantee workplace compliance with environmental practises.

The certification process is conducted by an independent licenced auditor and begins with a detailed review of the place of business. Recommendations are then made followed by a return visit to ensure they have been implemented. The accreditation is reviewed annually.

Being awarded this accreditation is another important step for Spider in its quest to be as eco-conscious as possible.  Earlier in the summer, the Agency created a special, bee-friendly roof garden which put it on the all-important ‘bee super highway’ which runs across the City of London providing valuable stopping off points for bees to refuel from the rich array of flowers specially planted for their nutritional value.

Sara Pearson, Founder and CEO of Spider said: “It is really significant for us to achieve QMS accreditation because as a business in one of the busiest cities in the world, we are incredibly aware of our carbon footprint. Sharing our London Bridge location with such iconic buildings as the Shard and the Gherkin, it is vital we do as much as possible to help make London a little bit greener.”

For anyone who is interested in getting their place of work QMS accredited, visit the QMS website here for more information on the process.

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