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The World of Food And Drink Branding

With a steady stream of new brands emerging and food/drink trends constantly moving the category forward, it has never been more challenging for new brands to make an impact. Crucially, the way consumers perceive a product is very much dependent on how that product is portrayed in the media.

The key questions to ask yourself are: How to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Are you merely on trend or are you setting them? What does it take to achieve success and longevity?

Top tips for new brands to consider when going to market

  • Know your market. Who is the competition and what do they already offer the consumer? How does your product differ? Is it clear in the name, the packaging and the positioning?
  • Emphasising your expertise. What makes you an expert in this field, why should consumers trust you?
  • Highlight your USP. Are you handmade, or natural, or sourced-locally? This needs to be clear on your packaging. What makes you passionate about your product?
  • Know your future. How can you grow your product? What are the possible brand extensions? Can you enter other product areas?  What is your exit strategy?

Key PR tools for promoting your brand or product:

  • Traditional PR. Getting your brand name into the national newspapers and relevant magazines. This can be through a mix of product-led reviews or through feature pieces about the brand or industry as a whole (with you as the ‘leaders’), monitoring the news agenda and reacting to opportunities where we believe your voice/the brand should be heard
  • Bloggers/Vloggers. The new opinion formers. With trusted followers, they have become the new media of the 21st Establishing a good relationship with them is key
  • Direct consumer engagement. Whether through sampling backstage at London Fashion week, or running a stunt/campaign to highlight a launch
  • Brand partnerships. Teaming up with relevant brands that carry the same ethos and brand values as yours. Often it is good to team with well-established brands as a means to elevating your own
  • Interviews and profile opportunities. Contacting the media positioning you for interview, either on a particular subject or talking around your business or industry

For more advice on how to make PR work for your food and drink brand, give us a call on 0207 403 6900

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