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Top Tips For Getting A Thorough Client Brief

PR and Social Media new business prospects are always exciting, however establishing whether there is a match between the client and the agency is key.  Understanding size, scope and expectations is essential if both parties are going to achieve success. But is the brief sufficiently detailed to ensure the best response? Indeed, it is not unusual to be invited to pitch minus some very critical information ranging from start date and length of campaign to budget, etc.

Spider PR has overcome this issue by developing an easy-to-follow briefing template which we routinely send to clients even when they have supplied their own.  It means we get the information that we need to tailor our response, giving us the maximum opportunity to provide an insightful, strategic and irresistible proposal that the client will want to buy.

10 points that need to be answered in a FMCG pitch:

  1. The company details including the brand, the background and a current overview
  2. The present (or recent present) support e.g. in or out house
  3. The extent of the proposed campaign: PR and/or Social Media, other services such as event organisation or advertorials as well as start and finish dates
  4. The marketing and communication objectives
  5. Brand values and tone of voice
  6. Existing messages and how they correspond to the target audience
  7. Key challenges facing the brand: competitors, perceptions, external issues, etc.
  8. Availability of data both internal and external
  9. The budget and its breakdown
  10. Success – what does it look like
  11. The desired format for the response: would they prefer a formal presentation or a written one? Who will attend, titles, etc.
  12. Any next steps

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