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Unleash Your Inner Thought-Leader

The Importance of a Brand Communicating its Expertise

“You can’t sit by the side of a river and expect a roast duck to fly into your mouth”[1], Guy Kawasaki, former marketing executive of Apple and “corporate evangelist”, once exclaimed. Memorable quotes such as these define your reputation and identity as an entrepreneur or business leader. Although your comments don’t have to be outlandish as Kawasaki’s, having strong opinions on a particular subject is a powerful tool for spreading your business’ message.

Being considered a thought-leader in today’s society is a respected and recognised personality trait, and by doing so can take your business to the next level. For example, if you’re looking to grow your business, attract new investment, negotiate listings or even encourage potential employees to join your company, being a thought-leader can have a positive impact on your business’ future.

Anyone can be a thought-leader, but it’s how you communicate your expertise that’s important. As a business leader or entrepreneur you’re already on the front-line of shaking-up your industry, so already possess the qualities to talk passionately about your sector and any issues that may affect your business – so channel this on a PR level and benefit.

What is a thought-leader?

There are many definitions of the term. In a nutshell a thought-leader is an individual whose contemporaries recognise them as the foremost authority in their field. Arguably, thought-leaders are more likely to be the most successful individuals or firms in their industry[2] – people who consistently voice their opinions on particular subjects are the most memorable. This in turn will significantly impact the public’s image of you and your business, encouraging them to purchase your products or services rather than your competitors.

Advantages of conducting a thought-leadership campaign:

  1. Being a pioneer. Thought-leaders are shown as influential in their field. By voicing your beliefs on a topic you can back up your position and spread your message better and faster.
  2. Emphasising your expertise. Being a thought-leader garners you respect in your industry. You will come across as knowledgeable about your sector, while cementing your position as the “go to” commentator.
  3. Putting across your opinions. Voicing your opinions helps to build your personal branding on a particular matter which in turn can help to drive your business forward.

When it comes to promoting brands and individuals as thought-leaders and developing personal branding we do this on a daily basis no matter the sector, and we too become the experts and scribe on your behalf. PR tools include:

  • Speaking/panel opportunities –researching upcoming events in your sector or where your target audience will be.
  • Comments – monitoring the news agenda and reacting to opportunities where we believe your voice should be heard.
  • Bylined articles – researching and compiling articles attributed to yourself, these are a fantastic means to fully put across your opinion on a subject.
  • Interviews and profile opportunities – contacting the media positioning you for interview, either on a particular subject or talking around your business or industry.

By Lara Nurney, Senior Account Executive, Spider PR (B2B/Corporate team)

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