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Vistaprint Champions Small Business Uniqueness

We are delighted to announce that our B2B comms team has been appointed by Vistaprint following a competitive pitch. Vistaprint is the leading supplier of printed and digital marketing materials for small businesses, empowering more than 17 million small business owners worldwide.

Vistaprint is currently perceived as more of a printing product brand. There is low awareness and understanding about how they are championing small businesses – and Sp!der is here to help change that!

We want small businesses to know that Vistaprint is more than customised business cards; it is a branding service that empowers small business owners to market themselves professionally and affordably at any stage of development. Vistaprint not only offers customised marketing materials including: business cards, signage, promotional products, clothing and websites but also offers support and guidance to small businesses who are looking to make their mark in the world.

In the UK there are millions of small businesses that are not only the foundation and unsung heroes of the economy, but often form a crucial part of local communities. Vistaprint is one of very few companies focused on serving the small-business community (which is commonly an under-served market due) and as a result has in-depth understanding of this diverse audience.

This brief was perfect for Sp!der’s B2B team who have a wealth of experience in helping larger brands influence the SME community. The initiative will centre around Vistaprint’s customer truth that every small business has something that sets them apart and will celebrate small business uniqueness.

We are looking forward to executing a campaign that shows Vistaprint in its rightful place as the champions of the UK small business community; empowering small businesses to better stand out from the crowd.

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