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VITHIT: Strengthening Its UK Presence

VITHIT, a low-calorie ‘smart-drink’ infused with Juice, Tea, Water and 100% of the GDA for eight health-boosting Vitamins; has truly come into its own under Spider’s Corporate Comms team, specialising in expert brand growth and marketing strategies.

Founded and run by former professional Rugby Player Gary Lavin, VITHIT has set about providing consumers with an alternative to the high-sugar beverages one would traditionally reach for on the store shelf. The considerable number of gym-goers consuming sugar-laden drinks, whilst attempting to get fit and lose weight, resulted in the creation of VITHIT.

VITHIT came to Spider with the goal of increasing its brand awareness of the product as well as for assistance in securing listings and enhancing UK distribution. Equipped with Spider’s expertise, VIHTIT will be selling in 15 international markets by the end of 2018.

To elevate VITHIT and help strengthen its UK distribution, Spider crafter a targeted comms strategy focusing on cleverly angled news generation, teamed with expert thought leadership on the future of the industry. Heavily buyer focused, Spider ensured all campaigns were continually aligned with VITHIT’s objectives.

Having come to Spider just three months ago, the VITHIT brand has gone from strength to strength. VITHIT has secured a listing in 300 M&S stores; who are notorious for their strict requirements, as well as tripling its Sainsbury’s distribution to c. 1485 points across the UK.

On an international level, VITHIT, supported by Spider’s expertise and media outreach, has become the fastest growing functional beverage across various European markets as well as being the most popular functional beverage in Iceland. VITHIT is also the leading functional beverage category across its UK retailers which include Tesco and Sainsbury’s. VITHIT will end 2018 by penetrating the United Arab Emirates and Australian markets as they secure significant distribution deals in both nations respectively.

The ever-growing consumer consensus that high-sugar diets are genuinely detrimental to living standards and well-being has further fuelled the demand for healthier, low-sugar alternatives. Motivated by the health risks associated with high-sugar diets such as type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, VITHIT and The Spider Team are on a mission to further educate the public on these health risks.

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