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Why I chose Spider PR

Now, more than ever, brands need a PR agency that thinks outside the box to cut through the clutter and set them apart from their competitors. It’s the same for employees. You want to work in an agency that’s forward-thinking, well-respected and committed to helping you further your skills.

Great agencies should work as an extension of the brand and the relationship with the client is key to maximising opportunities and making a lasting impact. Even if you’re based 200 miles away, or in another country, working with the client to ensure you share the same goals is crucial for happy, successful and long-lasting relationships.

That’s why, when I decided to move from a seaside town to the big city, I was over-the-moon to be offered a job at Spider PR.

Moving to London, I knew the PR landscape would be different but the things I noticed most about how Spider PR differs from other agencies were the collaboration between departments, the relationships with target media, trust between colleagues and client…and the fact that it guarantees clients’ media coverage. Spider PR doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk.

Here are some of the ways that I think Spider PR is different:


Spider PR has five specialist teams: corporate/B2B, food & drink, lifestyle/property, travel and digital. The thing that struck me in my first week was how much the teams work together to ensure clients are receiving the best integrated campaigns out there. As an Account Executive, learning from experienced professionals who have worked across a wide range of top brands is invaluable.


My second important lesson was on the importance of forging strong relationships with the media. Speaking to journalists every day was daunting at first but now I’ve realised that regular contact is key to building a network of contacts that I can rely on in the future.

Guaranteed coverage

How can an agency guarantee coverage for its clients? This was one of my first questions when I arrived and arguably what drew me to Spider PR, one of the only PR agencies in London to guarantee media coverage. In a world where the outcomes of PR are sometimes tricky to measure, giving our clients this reassurance is priceless.

After all, PR isn’t just about talking, it’s also about listening. We take pride in understanding what our clients want to achieve so that the campaigns we deliver fulfil real business objectives, build reputation and drive sales.

My first five months at Spider have been a rollercoaster – living and working in a new city and learning about a whole host of new brands has been really exciting. I can’t wait to develop my skills going forward.

By Victoria Archer  (B2B/Corporate team)

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