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World’s first FDA-Approved Autonomous AI Diagnostics System appoints Spider for international launch

Spider PR has won another international corporate PR and thought leadership brief to support cutting-edge medical autonomous AI pioneers Digital Diagnostics.

Digital Diagnostics, (previously known as IDx-DR) are the creators of IDx-DR, the first ever autonomous AI system cleared by the FDA to provide a diagnostic decision.

With ambitions to create the largest platform in Autonomous AI diagnostics, Spider along with international partners from the PRGN network have been charged with launching the brand across seven countries and announcing the acquisition of market leading dermatological telemedicine company, 3Derm Systems.

A genuine pioneer, Digital Diagnostic’s IDx-DR technology allows for the rapid diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy, saving considerable amounts of time and inconvenience for specialist ophthalmologists and the millions of diabetes sufferers across the globe, for whom regular screening is vital in the early treatment of retinopathy, which can render sufferers blind.

Already in use across many European markets and a number of cases in the US – including in shopping centres and retail outlets, Digital Diagnostics is driven by founder, Dr Michael Abramoff’s mission to create automated diagnostic systems which can better recognise and diagnose illnesses than the human eye. The result of which can be the opening of access to better, easier and faster screening and testing for more people – especially those at the highest risk of illness.


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