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Active Iron: Iron Deficiency Awareness with Dr. Dawn Harper

When Active Iron approached us to help them source and manage a high-profile doctor with some solid media credentials to work with them – we were more than happy to help! Luckily, we had just the powerhouse in mind (and it wasn’t Dr. Alex from Love Island. Sorry, Dr. Alex.) – Dr. Dawn “Dr. Dawn” Harper, a leading media medic, famous her work on Embarrassing Bodies.

But there’s nothing “Embarassing” about iron deficiency. Iron is the only natural deficiency commonly found in developing and developed countries alike, and a large number of people don’t even realise they’re suffering from it. Active Iron is a supplement designed to combat this problem in a body-friendly (most iron supplements aren’t) way, and this was the message we needed to spread far and wide.

We secured Dr. Dawn as an exclusive brand ambassador for Active Iron, working with her on a video feature as well as a multitude of media interviews. We secured coverage in the likes of Now Magazine and Health & Fitness, directly reaching our target markets with key messages. There’s more to Iron than meets the eye – the impact of iron deficiency is very different for men, women, children, and athletes – and this allowed us to approach the story from a number of different, relevant angles. We also got Dr. Dawn on a radio morning with UK and Irish radio stations, looking at the overall effects of iron deficiency on the body.

After helping to craft advertorial content for use in the Daily Mail, our in-house copywriter went on to work with the team at Active Iron and the good doctor to write a specialist report, looking at the impact of iron deficiency as a whole and the importance of utilising supplements to support a lack of iron in UK diets. The report is now up on the client’s website and has been used for further media and social outreach. You can find it here.

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