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Bringing Moin Moin to the Masses with The Real African Food Co.

We are delighted to announce another new Food and Drink partner: The Real African Food Co.

Our Food, Drink and Consumer PR team has been appointed by this family-run business to launch its new product Love Moin Moin into the UK in January 2019. African food – particularly West African food – is diverse, vibrant and painfully under-appreciated in the global culinary scene, but that’s all set to change in 2019. ‘Love Moin Moin’ is a just-add-water mix to help you make the perfect Moin Moin, a popular West African dish consisting of black-eyed beans, peppers, and spices.

The Real African Food Co. is passionate about sharing delicious West African-inspired foods and recipes that are still largely undiscovered in the Western World. With that in mind, The Real African Food Co. want us to launch a campaign to raise consumer awareness and encourage trial for its newly launched range. Through a mixture of trade and consumer PR alongside a dedicated influencer activation, we’ll run a three-month campaign to shed some light on this well-kept culinary secret.

Positioned as a dish that is perfect for vegans when eaten on its own or as a side dish, the core ingredient of Moin Moin (black-eyed beans) offers numerous health benefits as well as being low in calories and fats. Quick and tasty, Moin Moin is made by simply adding water and heating. With veganism, vegetarianism and plant-based diets exploding in popularity in 2018, the launch of Love Moin Moin comes at a time when others look to take on the Veganuary challenge and adopt a healthier diet.

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