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It’s full steam ahead for the latest addition to Spider’s busy client digital portfolio

It’s full steam ahead for the latest addition to Spider’s busy client digital portfolio: Eurotunnel Le Shuttle! Following the appointment of the Spider consumer PR team last year Spider are now also managing the brand’s social media presence.

Spider’s integrated digital and PR teams will continue to highlight and promote this unique service across digital channels and consumer publications.

Eurotunnel has been successfully transporting people, essential supplies and even the occasional ferret across the Channel Tunnel since 1994, while always prioritising safety and speed. Since 2006, Eurotunnel also boasts one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel having reduced its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by 55% and emitting 73 times less carbon dioxide than travelling by ferry.

Emma Horsley, Social Media and Content Executive at Eurotunnel said: “As we expand our partnership with Spider, we look forward to seeing how they will help us grow and expand Eurotunnel’s reputation. With our 35-minute journeys to Europe and minimal contact travel, we have offered convenient travel for over 25 years and are looking ahead to the next 25! That’s why we’re excited to work with Spider with their integrated PR and digital teams, who are constantly looking ahead.”

We also look forward to helping Eurotunnel continue this successful journey that is still going strong nearly 30 years later.

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